Private collections for true fans

Why did we create private collections?

You kept asking for all the pictures from each photo shoot. Real fans who love my style of photos and my models can get real rarities. Do you want to be in real contact with our models? Do you want to have originals of rare photos that can no longer be created today? We have private collections just for you.

What are private collections?

Private collections contain a complete set of photos from the entire photo shoot. No adjustments, no retouching. Directly downloaded from the camera. If you are a fan of some models, you now have a unique chance to get:

  • all photos of the model from a one-day photo shoot
  • photos in original resolution
  • unedited photos, exactly the ones that were downloaded directly from the camera
  • the price of the collection depends on the number of photos it contains - the price of one photo is 1USD

How to get private collections?

Write me on the contact page or on Patreon, which model or which photo shoot you are interested in. I will send you the password to the link to the shop, where you can buy the whole rare private collection.


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